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"You Do Need To Be Seen To Be Heard" . . .

. . . And professionally designed packaging shows that
you care about your work and how it is presented! 

TUNED-IN can help you project a professional image while giving potential listeners and/or viewers a true feel for what they can expect from your content. Amateur work on the other hand, can actually cost more in the long run, because it holds back success.

"The packaging you designed for our CDs is incredible -
people are buying them before they even listen to them!
I tell everyone who needs design work done to call you first."

Janet Fedor - SOUND OASIS

From the design of CD and DVD covers, liners and notes, to the actual acquisition of bar codes, printing and final shrink packaging, TUNED-IN is there making sure that your project is treated with the care and respect it deserves.

Make sure your project can compete in the marketplace!