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The name TURQUOISE means "Turkish stone", as the stone itself was originally mined in Turkey.

The colour Turquoise is the brilliant, yet calming colour found within the convergence of green and blue. As the colour is so similar to the colour of the ocean, it is also referred to as aqua or aquamarine.

Turquoise is a great colour choice for marketing anything related to water or the ocean - such as bottled water, cruises and tropical holidays.

As Turquoise is a predominant colour in icebergs, it is also an excellent colour choice for products that express iciness (breath mints, skin toners and anti-inflammatory wraps), purity and cleanliness (shower gels and cleaning products) and the ability to calm down, such as a sunburn treatment.

Turquoise expresses a feminine feel with just the right amount of freshness and elegance, making it a perfect choice for products marketed to women.


If your product or marketing tools need a "50's" or "retro" feel, Turquoise is a perfect colour choice. Anyone growing up in North America in the 1950's, will remember Turquoise bar stools at the roadside diner, Turquoise appliances and cars and Turquoise and black poodle skirts.


Today the colours Turquoise and Coral (the opposite colour to Turquoise) are synonymous with a "desert type feel", and therefore perfect for anything requiring a South-Western or Arizona feel.

The Mayan and Incan cultures revered the colour TURQUOISE and mined the stone for use in their ceremonial garb and temples. Both cultures are believed to be descendants of the lost civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria, each of which supposedly had highly advanced technologies, therefore the Silicon Age (Silicon Valley) has also been identified to the colour Turquoise.

High Tech and mass communication are a result of computers and fiber optics, both of which are dependant on quartz crystal (silica) to enable precision and speed. In this sense then, we have moved from the Industrial Age, which was the Age of Coal to the Age of Silicon or the Crystal Age just as the prophecies of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce indicated we would.

It has been said that the colour TURQUOISE symbolizes the Age of Aquarius, and it should be noted that the actual astrological sign for Aquarius is depicted by two waves - versus one. It is believed that the second wave represents communication frequencies (or waves), thus marking our present time as the Information Age or the Age of Mass Communication. Interestingly enough, as a planet we are physically moving out of the spatial co-ordinates of Pisces and entering the spatial co-ordinates of Aquarius. Coincidence? 

  Opposite Color: Coral     Horoscope Sign: Scorpio