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RED is the longest and warmest ray in the visible light spectrum, and therefore, likened to fire, power, life-force and survival. It energizes us, calls us to action and stimulates all of our appetites.

The logos and packaging colours of Kellogg's and Post cereals, Campbell's Soups and Red Bull energy drinks are but a few examples of how RED is used to market foods and beverages, and when needing to invoke lust or erotic feelings or imply speed or the need to take immediate action, it is also the perfect colour choice.

"Buy Now" buttons, "Click here" references and sale price cards will all get the best results if they are RED! 

RED is about power, energy and LIFEFORCE and speaks to the physical or material side of life. Even the expression "Painting the Town Red" indicates materialism as it implies spending and abundance. RED is the colour of Christmas (materialism) and gifts of money are placed in RED envelopes by many eastern cultures.

"RED symbolizes all the positive and negative attributes of base emotions and survival issues.

Consider the Red Coats, red stop lights and fire trucks waving a red cape, and "Seeing Red"; each of which, is synonymous with either danger, warnings, control, anger, aggression or war (warrior energy).

Conversely, the widespread use of RED in national flags and the RED Robes of Cardinals connote heraldry, courage, protection, loyalty and valor.

Red speaks to sexuality, fertility and procreative/survival issues. Symbolically, we use red roses and Valentines to indicate our passion or love, the Red Cross to demonstrate brotherly love and unity, and in the case of physical love and where to get it, we refer to a Red light district.

Red has the psychological affect of holding people at a distance, as it implies power, authority and importance. Businessmen wear Red Power Ties, very significant days get referred to as Red Letter Days and we roll out the Red Carpet for important people such as dignitaries and celebrities.

However, while being a very warm and charismatic colour, the polarity of RED is control and manipulation. Remember, a Red Herring is something that deceives or distracts attention from the truth and the Devil (synonymous with deceit) is always depicted as red.

  Opposite Color: Green     Horoscope Sign: Aries