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 The Psychology of Orange

As a blend of the raw energy and physicality of Red, and the sheer happiness of Yellow, ORANGE is truly the colour of joy, interaction, creativity and playfulness.

Orange is the color associated with autumn tinged forests and harvested crops, and we therefore associate it with ripe produce, healthy foods and eating. No wonder Orange both awakens and stimulates our appetites.

Orange is the key colour of Halloween as well as clown clothing and wigs, as the color brings an air of festivity, playfulness and fun! Obviously, children love the colour Orange, and that is why it was one of the very first colours and flavors chosen for Jell-O, Orange "Crush" soda pop and Popsicles. 

Today Orange is still widely used all over the world for both children's toys and clothes, and perhaps this is because the colour Orange has been proven to improve oxygen supply to the brain, which in turn can increase awareness and mental stimulation in children and adults alike.

Orange is the most flamboyant color on the planet, and the colour we associate first with fun times, energetic days, warmth and organic products!

If you have been too serious lately and you need to lighten up and have a good belly laugh - then spread a little ORANGE around your life. Remember this is the colour of the the Buddha Belly. Who can resist smiling back at a laughing or smiling Buddha statue?


As surely the sun rises, it will also set in a glorious orange sky! Perhaps that is why Orange is associated with achievment, ambition and new beginnings (new dawns).

Orange is the colour of visibility and is commonly used for everything from emergency worker coveralls to brilliant orange golf balls! If we have difficulty embracing this color than it is very likely that we have difficulty with being front and center - the proverbial wallflower so to speak.

Surveyors use ORANGE FLAGS and spray orange paint to mark the boundaries of their measurements. Is it any wonder then, that if we really dislike the color Orange. we may not have established and/or acknowledged our personal boundaries. It could also indicate that we have difficulty respecting the boundaries of others. 

  Opposite Color: Blue     Horoscope Sign: Gemini