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 The Psychology of Indigo

In the artworks of the Masters, the robes of mages, prophets (Nostradamus) and religious figures such as Mother Mary were commonly painted the color INDIGO. The use of Indigo was a subliminal message indicating the subject's connection to the beyond as well as their ability to see beyond the physical world.

Gold, which is the opposite colour to INDIGO was often depicted either as trim on their clothing, or the base metal of their scepters and wands. This further subliminally emphasized  the great wisdom and power these Masters' were believed to possess.

The ancient Egyptians also understood the subtle language of INDIGO and Gold and commonly used the element Gold and the stone Lapis Lazuli in clothing, head pieces, artworks, sarcophagus decoration and burial masks.

It is suggested then, that INDIGO indicates or represents the ability to access clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Perhaps that is why we refer to children that demonstrate certain psychic abilities as "Indigo children".

INDIGO is often associated with paranormal "vision" - seeing beyond the capability of the eyes. Unlike spontaneous phenomena, this side of our psyche gives conscious accessibility to our super sensory perception, and opens us to the potential of the Sixth Senses.

This access to "seeing with the Third Eye" enables accurate and powerful decisions. Further, it clears the way to put action behind what has been decided, eliminating all resistance in its way.

The Third Eye could be likened to the evening sky when the stars first start appearing. Without the contrast of this deep colour, the stars which are there all the time are not visible to our "normal" senses. INDIGO then is being able to "see right through someone or something", it is knowing something without knowing how you know.

Understanding and embracing our psychic connections and perceptions is about having the courage and commitment to step through that portal of the psyche and live your belief, trust and knowing. When one becomes adept at this process, neutrality, objectivity and acceptance become the norm, as all sides of an issue are visible.

INDIGO facilitates the communication of one's deepest feelings as well as involved abstract concepts. It balances one's personal motivations, perceptions and expectations, as well as the tendency to vacillate. As such, when tough calls or decisions need to made, meditate or surround yourself with INDIGO.

  Opposite Color: Gold     Horoscope Sign: Capricorn