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GREEN is neither a warm or cool colour as it contains equal amounts of Yellow (warm) and Blue (cool). Due to this balance, it is very calming and pleasing to the senses.

In logos and marketing materials GREEN implies good luck (the green shamrock), peace and calmness, nature and growth as well as money and conservatism.

When we covet or are jealous of someone else's wealth or good fortune we are green with envy or we have a case of the green-eyed monster.

Green is nature (constant renewal) and the colour of spring, which is the promise of a new beginning or regeneration of what was. For decades many hospital recovery rooms have been painted a soft shade of green as patients "renew" or heal faster when this colour is present.

In every day speech, we refer to a nature reserve or park as a Green Belt. Most large TV studios and theaters have a Green Room where performers and guests can relax before going on the air.

And . . . don't we say someone who is gifted at renewing or growing plants has a Green Thumb?

We call special soldiers whose mission is to restore peace (harmony) Green Berets and we have a special organization whose members assist and protect endangered wildlife and habitats called Green Peace. We even refer to avid recyclers as people that have Gone Green.

When someone is brand new to something and inexperienced, we call them a Greenhorn, or we say they are GREEN  - meaning they are full of unrealized potential. Moreover, when we want to make a move that we feel has more potential, we refer to moving on to Greener Pastures. Intuitively we all feel the space and the potential for creating something new in the colour GREEN, and when we are given the Green Light, we are being told GO!

On an intellectual level, Green fosters mental rejuvenation and creativity, as one has the "space" to think about what they intuitively feel in their heart or already know intellectually. This is in contrast to having a cluttered and tired mind that can do little more than process its existing programs, which are often based on false perceptions of reality.

Green speaks to making fortuitous decisions and sound (grounded) judgments because you are called to balance and to therefore "operate from your centre".

Remember, as the neutral point in the light spectrum, Green harmonizes and grounds us.

  Opposite Color: Red     Horoscope Sign: Libra