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As a more intense version of Yellow, GOLD denotes joy versus happiness, wisdom versus knowledge and worth versus value.

The colour Gold implies wealth and status in every culture, and as the most precious tradable commodity on earth, Gold backs all global currencies and as such as referred to as the Gold Standard.

When we say someone or something is as good as gold, we mean it is the absolute best it could be.

We give gold stars to everyone from school children to military Generals to honor and commend, and we call a most favored person a golden-haired child.

To express the genuineness or authenticity of something or someone, we use the term solid gold . . . And when a situation suddenly blesses us with good fortune, we call this the goose that laid the golden egg.

Gold is the colour associated with King Solomon and when we speak of someone who has deep (therefore priceless) wisdom, we use the expression, "The Wisdom of Solomon".

GOLD is the colour of wedding bands and all things that are expressions of spiritual illumination (halos), eternity and precious bonds.

Our reverence for Gold goes back to the ancient Egyptian, Mayan and Aztec cultures who embraced the transmuting qualities of Gold in their spiritual practices and Rites of Passage. Gold typified eternity, illumination (the Sun glorified), beauty and splendor.  GOLD was most often paired with Indigo Blue to connote wealth, stature, wisdom beyond this world and spiritual evolution.

We also have coined intuitive expressions to indicate the negative side of GOLD.

When someone is after another person's money and feigns affection to get it, we call them a Gold Digger, and if someone is consistently deceptive or treacherous we call them a Gold Bricker.

There is also the term Fool's Gold which describes anything mistaken for real Gold or something of real worth.

  Opposite Color: Indigo     Horoscope Sign: Cancer