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In marketing/branding campaigns the use of color can be so powerful that it creates a brand subculture. Does the phrase "BIG BLUE" ring any bells?

IBM using BLUE to indicate the precision of their high tech products. One need look no further than Best Buy and Hewlett Packard to see a common theme here. Blue invokes feelings of authority, expertise, eliteness, calmness and trust.

BLUE is the colour of the oceans and the sky and as such, it implies cleanliness, depth and wisdom. When marketing any product related to water, cleaning, the sky (airlines) or authority, consider using some BLUE.

Blue is the colour of corporate America and it says, "Chill . . .believe and trust me . . . have confidence in what I am saying!"

The color Blue actually creates chemicals in the body that are soothing because they slow down human metabolism. That is what makes the relaxing, "cool" qualities of BLUE the color of the Negotiator. BLUE is commonly used in situations where diplomacy or negotiation skills are required.

BLUE will attribute a great deal of peace and serenity to the general surroundings if incorporated into the color scheme of a room or one's clothing. Therefore BLUE is a wonderful color for bedrooms and is very useful as the principle decorating color in meeting rooms designated for negotiation and keeping "cool" heads.

Be "Cool" with Blue . . .

The arcane expression Blue Blood, used to describe a Royal or Aristocratic authoritarian, indicates "special - untouchable" - therefore "totally protected or isolated". Consider our propensity to formally uniform our peace and law enforcement personnel in the color BLUE.

BLUE is a call to Trust and perhaps that is the underlying reason why we say Faith (which is absolute trust) is believing in the right outworking of the Universal BLUEPRINT.

Having BLUE present in situations that require honesty, forthrightness or directness is indicative of a true understanding of the power of this color. It has been a long standing fact, that most successful trial lawyers present their final arguments, statements and summaries wearing a BLUE SUIT, as it "INTUITIVELY" imparts integrity and authority to what they are saying, and increases the trust level of those that have to listen to, weigh and make decisions based on what they say.

Interestingly enough, when we wish to emphasize the honesty, loyalty and/or integrity of another, we often refer to them as TRUE BLUE.

Heaven Knows . . .

As the color of the sky and water, BLUE subconsciously represents "the beyond" and when we refer to a sudden windfall, or an unexplainable change in a given situation, we say that it happened or came "OUT OF THE BLUE - meaning that the causal force was "beyond" anything visible or predictable . . . Quite literally out of the "Heavens". Interestingly enough, most languages have this expression and it means the same thing!

The association of BLUE to the "Heavenly Realm" was being made thousands of years ago by ancient cultures who used BLUE ceremoniously in Rites of Passage. Even the great Masters Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo depicted the Mother Mary's robes as BLUE . . .  A subliminal sign of her connection to the Godhead.

One final thought . . .

One must keep in mind that BLUE is a cool color and in this regard it can be quite isolative. Incorrect use of BLUE can come off as uncaring and cold, and perhaps that is why when we are really lonely (feeling isolated) it is said we have THE BLUES.

  Opposite Color: Orange     Horoscope Sign: Sagittarius