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Tuned-In Studios is a composite of Internet pioneers, artists, writers and business people who have served clients all over the world since 1994.

We have accomplished many things in the industry, including bringing all 50 plus volumes of the  British Columbia Yellow Pages online in 1996. In between the major projects there has been many miles of cable strung for networks, hundreds of domains registered, bought and sold, BAJILLIONS of things designed and mountains of copy written.

Our experience and network of contacts runs deep and broad, thus enabling us to save our clients money, as we see projects through from inception to the finished product.

In short, whatever you need to create or accomplish . . .
We are really good people to ask!

"When working on a problem,
I never think about beauty.

I only think about how to
solve the problem.

When I have finished, if the
solution is not beautiful,
I know it is wrong."

~ Buckminster Fuller